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Kochi prefecture is attractive for its rich nature surrounded by the Shikoku Mountains and historical tourist spots. You can enjoy canoeing and rafting in clear streams, and don't miss the places related to Ryoma Sakamoto and Kochi Castle. You can also enjoy local cuisine using fresh bonito sashimi and Tosa beef. It is a travel destination where you can refresh your mind and body with beautiful scenery!

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Kochi Prefecture is a charming tourist destination where nature and history intersect. It is filled with attractions such as the breathtaking views of Cape Muroto jutting out into the Pacific Ocean and the Shimanto River flowing through the Shikoku Mountains, as well as Katsurahama Park, the birthplace of Sakamoto Ryoma, and Kochi Castle, one of the twelve remaining original castles. At "Monet's Garden" Marumottan, you can also feel the art. Enjoy delicious gourmet food as well! もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Culture

Kochi Prefecture is full of attractive spots for culture enthusiasts. At the Uchibara Ceramic Art Museum, you can experience creating original ceramic works, and at the Aki City Calligraphy Art Museum, you can visit numerous works by calligraphers. Additionally, the Shimanto River and Ashizuri Cape, where you can feel the history and nature, are also must-see sights. Once you visit, it will surely be a trip that you will never forget! もっとみる

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The accommodations in Kochi Prefecture have a unique atmosphere that allows you to feel the history and nature. Spending a night in a location full of charm, such as "Sansuien," which is built on the site of the former residence of the former lord of the Tosa domain, or the resort hotel "Bellief Otsuki" surrounded by the sea, is exceptional. Additionally, there are many accommodations that are proud of their dishes, including "Sarabachi cuisine" and dishes that make use of local ingredients, so you can enjoy not only sightseeing but also the taste. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable for Families with Children

There are many hotels in Kochi Prefecture where families with children can have a great time. Each facility has its own unique charm, such as the conveniently located "Nishitetsu Inn Kochi Harimayabashi," the "Hotel Takasago" where you can experience a Japanese-modern atmosphere, and the "Kamenoi Hotel" with a location rich in nature. In particular, at "Jyoseikan," you can enjoy straw-grilled tataki while overlooking a stunning view from the top floor. It is recommended not only for sightseeing but also for those who want to enjoy staying overnight! もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

In Kochi Prefecture, you can enjoy hot springs along with its abundant nature. At "Royal Hotel Tosa," you can have a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from its open-air hot spring bath, while at "Ashizuri Onsenkyo Ashizuri Sunnyside Hotel," you can soak in the hot springs while gazing at the horizon where the sun sets. There are also accommodations such as "Kohan Yu" and "Kurau-do" where you can spend a pleasant time in a peaceful atmosphere. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Kochi Prefecture

Kochi Prefecture's local cuisine is attractive for its use of the abundant blessings of the sea and mountains. In particular, dishes such as "Katsuo no Tataki" (lightly seared bonito), "Kinmedon" (sashimi rice bowl with golden eye snapper), and "yatai gyoza" (street vendor dumplings) are exquisite, and the depth of flavor born from their freshness and unique cooking methods is impressive. Additionally, don't miss out on the plate and bowl dishes that make generous use of locally produced ingredients. Please enjoy the gourmet food of Kochi Prefecture that satisfies all visitors. もっとみる
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