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Shizuoka Prefecture is full of scenic spots created by nature, from the breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji to the beautiful sea of the Izu Peninsula. It is perfect for family trips with many hot springs and zoos. Additionally, it is an attractive tourist destination where you can enjoy gourmet food such as eel and sushi, and experience history and culture.

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"Oomuroyama" where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji, "Kakegawa Castle" and "Hamamatsu Castle" that history enthusiasts will love, "Uotaro Honten" where you can taste fresh seafood, and the experiential spot "Fuji Safari Park" where you can interact with wild animals. Shizuoka Prefecture is loved by many people as a nature-rich and culturally significant tourist destination. もっとみる

Scenic Spots to Enjoy

In Shizuoka Prefecture, you can enjoy breathtaking views at "Miho no Matsubara," which overlooks Mt. Fuji, and at "Mishima Skywalk," Japan's longest suspension bridge. At "Akao Herb & Rose Garden," you can spend a relaxing time surrounded by flowers. From "Nihondaira Yume Terrace," you can overlook Suruga Bay, and you will surely be captivated by the beautiful scenery. もっとみる

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You can enjoy hot springs in Shizuoka Prefecture along with beautiful nature. At Atami Onsen, you can relax while enjoying the night view, and at Ito Onsen, you can feel the atmosphere of the Taisho Roman era while relaxing. In addition, the fresh seafood at Doi Onsen and Inatori Onsen is also recommended. Why not refresh your mind and body at these hot spring resorts, each with their own unique features? もっとみる

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The accommodations in Shizuoka Prefecture are attractive for their serene atmosphere surrounded by nature and cuisine utilizing local ingredients. You can spend time being healed both mentally and physically in natural hot springs while enjoying delicious treats such as seasonal dishes from Izu and creative Italian cuisine. Additionally, you can experience the unique characteristics of each location, such as accommodations with a view of Sagami Bay or those with riverbeds. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

In Shizuoka Prefecture, there are many facilities where you can enjoy with your children without worry. For example, at "Village Izu Kogen," you can feel the nature with an ocean view from all rooms, and at "Shimoda View Hotel," you can enjoy a breathtaking ocean view from the room and the bath. "Rembrandt Premium Fuji Gotemba" is a resort where you can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and delicious food. Why not spend a wonderful time with your family at these unique hotels in Shizuoka Prefecture? もっとみる

Famous Hot Spring Hotels

Accommodations in Shizuoka Prefecture offer the luxury of soaking in hot springs while enjoying the rich nature and breathtaking scenery. There are many private baths in the Izu area, open-air baths overlooking Lake Hamana from 40 meters above ground, and resort hotels where you can enjoy the ocean view from every room. Once you visit, you will have a special experience that you will never forget. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Shizuoka Prefecture

The gourmet food in Shizuoka Prefecture is attractive due to its diverse flavors that utilize locally produced ingredients. You can enjoy dishes made with deep-sea fish and bream, as well as B-class gourmet foods such as Mishima croquettes and Numazu dumplings. Additionally, don't miss out on Shizuoka-style oden, which features black hanpen. It is a treasure trove of delicious food where you can discover something new every time you visit. もっとみる
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