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Yamagata Prefecture is a tourist destination that combines rich nature and historical culture. You can enjoy nationally renowned hot springs, delicious local cuisine, and seasonal fruits. The charming streets and famous historical sites are also attractive enough to be used as movie locations. In addition, you cannot miss the historical temples and shrines that Matsuo Basho visited, such as Yamadera Temple and the five-story pagoda of Mount Haguro.

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Yamagata Prefecture is a charming tourist destination where nature and history breathe. After enjoying the breathtaking view from the Zao Ropeway, it is recommended to spend a relaxing time at Kasumigajo Park. Additionally, the Bunshokan with its gorgeous decorations and the Tsuruoka City Shonai Museum of Traditional Culture, which includes the famous poet Matsuo Basho, are must-see spots. Furthermore, why not refresh yourself surrounded by negative ions at Tamurazaki Falls, a popular power spot? もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Nature

Speaking of spots where you can enjoy the nature of Yamagata Prefecture, we recommend Mogami Park and Mt. Haguro. Mogami Park is a city park that has been developed on the site of the ruins of Shinjo Castle, and the stone walls and fences from that time still remain. Additionally, Mt. Haguro is one of the Dewa Sanzan (Three Mountains of Dewa) and has a five-story pagoda. You can enjoy the scenery of each season at both places. もっとみる

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Yamagata Prefecture is the only prefecture in Japan where every city and town has a hot spring. You can enjoy a variety of hot springs and charming streetscapes, such as the skin-beautifying Zao Hot Springs, the Taisho-era retro Ginzan Hot Springs, and the Atsumi Hot Springs boasting a 1200-year history. Why not experience a truly healing journey while enjoying the seasonal scenery and local cuisine? もっとみる

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Yamagata Prefecture's accommodations boast luxurious cuisine and hot springs with beautifying effects, centered around Zao Onsen. They are also fully prepared for COVID-19 measures, with many hotels equipped with WiFi. At Tendo Onsen, you can enjoy a scenic open-air bath and delicious breakfast. Come visit Yamagata Prefecture, where hospitality utilizing local ingredients is a charming feature. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

Hotels in Yamagata Prefecture are safe for families with children. At "Le Beau Zao" in Zao Onsen, you can relax in a hot spring with flowing natural spring water that is available 24 hours a day. At "Arimakan," you can enjoy in-room dining and private baths. Additionally, the breakfast buffet at "Hotel Castle Yamagata" with a morning parfait is sure to delight children! Why not enjoy a family trip at a hotel in Yamagata Prefecture that offers deliciousness and relaxation using local ingredients? もっとみる

Famous Hot Spring Hotels

Yamagata Prefecture's hot spring hotels range from the traditional and modern fusion of "Tachibanaya" to the affordable "Bekkan Fujya Ryokan." In particular, "Tohboya Ryokan" boasts barrier-free design and hot springs flowing directly from the source. At "Kanmatsukan," you can enjoy the hospitality of the maids and the cuisine of the chef. Experience the hot spring hotels of Yamagata Prefecture, where you'll want to come back again after your first visit. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Yamagata Prefecture

Yamagata Prefecture's local gourmet cuisine features dishes that make use of abundant natural ingredients. The ramen culture, known for soy sauce ramen and chilled ramen, brand rice such as Shonai rice, and a variety of high-quality Japanese beef such as Yamagata beef and Yonezawa beef. Once you experience the deliciousness of these dishes, you won't forget it and will surely be tempted to visit again! もっとみる
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