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In Tokushima prefecture, you can enjoy nature with the world's largest whirlpool "Naruto whirlpool" and the scenic spot "Iya Valley Kazura Bridge", and there is also the "Otsuka International Art Museum" that is indispensable for art lovers. You can also experience traditional performing arts at the "Awa Odori Kaikan" and taste local gourmet Tokushima ramen at "Chuka Soba Inotani Honten". Please come and visit Tokushima prefecture where you can enjoy food, culture, and nature all at once!

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Tokushima Prefecture is a fascinating region where nature and art intersect. Experience the power of nature at the beautiful gorge "Oboke Gorge" and the whirlpools of "Naruto no Uzushio," one of the three greatest currents in the world. Also, take a trip to the "Otsuka Museum of Art," boasting the largest permanent exhibition space in Japan, and touch famous paintings. Why not reminisce about old stories at "Souvenirs of the Peeing Boy of Iya Valley"? Please enjoy Tokushima Prefecture from various perspectives. もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Activities

Tokushima Prefecture is full of activities! Enjoy the changing scenery throughout the four seasons at "Shiozuka Plateau" and experience river rafting on the "Oboke Sightseeing Boat" with its beautiful blue-green water and rocky cliffs. Additionally, at the "Naruto Uchi-no-Umi General Park," you can enjoy BBQ, tennis, and a children's adventure playground, making it a fun place for the whole family. "Tsukimigaoka Seaside Park" is also recommended for picnics while watching airplanes. Create memories in the nature-rich Tokushima Prefecture! もっとみる

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Accommodations in Tokushima Prefecture offer a superb experience that combines stunning views and exquisite cuisine. The scenery from the Naruto Strait and the Pacific Ocean, which stretches out before your eyes, is breathtaking. The local seafood, especially the specialty dish "Naruto Sea Bream" used in kaiseki cuisine, is a must-try. Furthermore, there are also plenty of hot springs to relax and heal your travel fatigue. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable for Families with Children

Hotels in Tokushima Prefecture have facilities that are perfect for families with children to enjoy without worry. At the Japanese-style guesthouse "Hikari no Yado," the whole family can relax without any hesitation. Additionally, at "Oboke Gorge Mannaka" and "Shin-Iya Onsen Hotel Kazurabashi," you can relax while enjoying nature to the fullest. Come and have a wonderful trip in Tokushima Prefecture! もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

Hotels in Tokushima Prefecture offer a superb hot spring experience along with abundant nature. At the "Moana Coast" resort hotel, you can enjoy a private outdoor bath with a view of the sea from every room. At the "Hotel Iya Onsen," a Japanese-style inn, you can enjoy a breathtaking view and an open-air bath with hot spring water flowing directly from the source. You can also savor local cuisine made with local ingredients, making it a truly relaxing time. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima Prefecture offers a variety of dishes that make use of the blessings from the sea and mountains. You can enjoy dishes made with locally grown ingredients such as Tokushima ramen, which features a pork bone soy sauce soup topped with a raw egg, crispy and sweet Anan-produced eel, flavorful Naruto sea bream, and tender and delicious Awa-odori chicken. もっとみる
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