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Kagawa Prefecture is a gourmet treasure trove where you can enjoy delicious Sanuki udon and olive beef. It is a charming tourist destination with historical spots such as the Kinpira Shrine and Marugame Castle, as well as nature-rich art spots like Shodoshima and Naoshima. Please enjoy to your heart's content the fusion of food and culture in this area!

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Kagawa Prefecture is not only known as a producer of delicious udon and olives, but it is also overflowing with historical tourist spots such as the long stone steps of Kotohira-gu Shrine, the beautiful stone walls of Marugame Castle, and the elegant gardens of Ritsurin Park. Additionally, there are also enjoyable activities such as visiting Yashima and Megijima islands, and admiring the breathtaking view from the Seto Ohashi Bridge. もっとみる

Spots with Historical Buildings

Kagawa Prefecture is not only known for its delicious udon and the historical charm of Kotohira-gu Shrine, but also for the popular art spots on the nature-rich islands of Shodoshima and Naoshima. There is also the pleasure of enjoying the breathtaking view from the Seto Ohashi Bridge and visiting Marugame Castle. Furthermore, the giant sand painting in the shape of Edo-era coins at the Kotohira Park in Kanonji City is a must-see. もっとみる

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Accommodations in Kagawa Prefecture are diverse, ranging from nature-rich resorts to hot spring inns. You can enjoy unique features such as private baths available 24 hours a day, interiors that exude the warmth of wood in newly built hotels, and even top-floor open-air baths with stunning views. The local cuisine and location are also excellent, creating a relaxing space where you can truly unwind. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

Hotels in Kagawa Prefecture are perfect for family trips! The attractive feature is the environment where you can fully enjoy nature, such as natural hot springs, ocean views, and proximity to parks. Especially at "Konpira Onsen Kotohira Grand Hotel Sakura no Sho," you can also enjoy a popular rose bath for women. Additionally, "Kuapark Tsuda (National Lodging Matsukoto Pavilion)" is a location where you can see the sea from all rooms. There is no doubt that you can spend a pleasant time with your family! もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

Accommodations in Kagawa Prefecture have many attractive hotels with hot springs. In particular, at "Shodoshima Onsen Olivian Shodoshima Yuhigaura Hotel" and "Yumoto Konpira Onsen Hana no Yu Koubaitou," you can enjoy the ultimate open-air bath with stunning views. Additionally, "Seiryuan" is recommended as a base for a trip filled with sightseeing, hot springs, and golf. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Kagawa Prefecture

Kagawa Prefecture's gourmet cuisine is not limited to Sanuki udon and bone-in chicken, but also includes a variety of dishes using olives from Shodoshima Island and Shodoshima soy sauce with a history of over 400 years. Additionally, premium ingredients such as olive beef can also be enjoyed. Please savor the unique flavor and richness created by local ingredients. もっとみる
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