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Oita Prefecture is known as Japan's top hot spring resort, with attractive natural spots such as Beppu Onsen and Yufuin Onsen. You can also enjoy spectacular views at places like the Kuju Dream Suspension Bridge and the Kuju Plateau. In addition, the local cuisine is also excellent! Dishes such as hamo (daggertooth pike conger) and chirimenjako (dried young sardines) are delicious. It is recommended as a travel destination where you can refresh both your mind and body!

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Oita Prefecture is not only famous for its hot springs, but also for its rich natural tourist spots. At the Kyushu Natural Animal Park African Safari, you can see wild animals up close, and at Harajiri Falls, you will surely be impressed by its power! At "Umitamago," you can interact with marine creatures. If you visit Oita Prefecture, be sure to stop by. もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Nature

Oita Prefecture is known as a tourist destination surrounded by rich nature. At Kuju Flower Park, you can enjoy the seasonal beauty of five million flowers blooming all around. Also, from the Kuju "Dream" Suspension Bridge, you can experience a magnificent view and a pleasant breeze. At Kinrin Lake, you can enjoy beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons. How about taking a trip to these spots to fully enjoy nature and refresh yourself? もっとみる

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Oita Prefecture is known as Japan's number one hot spring prefecture, offering a wide variety of hot springs from famous hot spring resorts like Yufuin and Beppu to unique hot springs like Yufudake, Tetsuwa, and Tengase. You can enjoy soaking in open-air baths along the river while taking in the beautiful natural scenery, and after strolling through the retro streets, you can spend a blissful moment. When you visit Oita Prefecture, be sure to experience the charming hot spring tour overflowing with allure. もっとみる

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Accommodations in Oita Prefecture offer the ultimate relaxation along with beautiful natural scenery. There are a variety of options, from secluded hot springs where you can enjoy a hearthside banquet deep in the mountains, to hot springs with skin-beautifying properties and water views in every room, to tranquil one-room inns along the Galleria River. Rooms with views of the cityscape visible from the hot springs and the nearby mountains of Yufuin Station are also popular. In Hita, the food is highly regarded, leading to a memorable experience during your stay. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

Hotels in Oita Prefecture are safe for families with children. At Yamashiro-ya in Yufuin Onsen, the reviews are high for families to enjoy, and there are also country-style inns and ryokans with delicious cuisine in the surrounding area. Additionally, at Jyoshima Kogen Hotel in Beppu Jyoshima Onsen, you can experience a resort atmosphere. Furthermore, at Yufuin Glamping COMOREBI, where glamping is possible, you can enjoy BBQ while stargazing! もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

Hotels in Oita Prefecture offer the enjoyment of hot springs that boast beautifying effects on the skin and dishes that make use of seasonal ingredients. Accommodations scattered around Yufuin Onsen are highly praised for the scenery visible from the hot spring baths and the tranquil otherworldly atmosphere. In the Beppu Bay area, there are also facilities that satisfy both children and adults, such as being able to enjoy exercises with characters. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Oita Prefecture

Oita Prefecture's food culture is diverse, featuring dishes such as "toriten" and fried chicken that make the most of chicken meat, as well as "Beppu reimen" cold noodles and fresh seafood from the local area. Additionally, don't miss out on the unique dishes with their own characteristics in each region, such as Hita yakisoba and Usuki fugu. When you visit, be sure to search for the deep and unique local gourmet flavors. もっとみる
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