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Nagasaki Prefecture is an attractive tourist destination where beautiful nature and historic buildings harmonize. There are many attractions such as exotic streetscapes, the World Heritage Site of Battleship Island, and Huis Ten Bosch! In addition, it boasts top-class fishing yields, and you can enjoy gourmet cuisine using fresh seafood. You can also refresh yourself in hot springs with a beautifying effect. Please come and visit Nagasaki Prefecture, which you will never forget once you have visited!

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Spots with Historical Buildings

Nagasaki Prefecture is an attractive region with a charming townscape and historical tourist destinations. Once you visit, you won't forget the samurai residences that lined the streets during the Edo period, or the world heritage site "Gunkanjima" that has become a ruined island floating in the sea. You are sure to be healed at the beautiful Megane Bridge and Peace Park. Additionally, you can enjoy Western-style buildings at Glover Garden. To experience this wonderfulness, please come and visit Nagasaki Prefecture! もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Culture

Nagasaki Prefecture is overflowing with spots where history and culture come alive, such as the World Heritage Site "Gunkanjima" and "Tenshudo of Tezuka Island." At "Yakimono Park," you can experience pottery making while reproducing kilns from around the world. Additionally, at the "Unzen Bead Museum," you can not only view glass crafts but also make your own. Why not experience Nagasaki Prefecture's unique culture at these diverse tourist destinations? もっとみる

Recommended Spots in Spring

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Accommodations in Nagasaki Prefecture are diverse, ranging from hotels with panoramic hot springs like Ikijima-so and Yumihari no Oka Hotel, where you can enjoy the night view of the Ninety-Nine Islands, to the atmosphere of the cityscape seen from Nisshokan Bettei Momijitei. Additionally, at Watermark Hotel Nagasaki, you can enjoy tranquility, and at Island Nagasaki, you can experience a resort atmosphere and savor seasonal meals. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

Nagasaki Prefecture's hotels are full of features that can be enjoyed even with children. You can relax with your entire family at places like "Nagasaki Nisshokan," which has spacious rooms and an open-air bath with a panoramic view, and "Nisshokan Shinkan Baishokaku," where you can enjoy beautiful views. Additionally, "Hotel St. Paul Nagasaki" offers a comfortable stay with Wi-Fi access. These facilities also have good access to tourist destinations, so you can enjoy a memorable trip with your children. もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

In Nagasaki Prefecture, you can enjoy unique hot spring experiences such as the cave baths at Iki Stellacourt Taiankaku and the starry sky open-air baths at Candeo Hotels Shinchi Chinatown. Family hotels located around Huis Ten Bosch and the only Amsterdam-themed hotel inside the park are also recommended. Additionally, you can savor delicious seafood dishes while enjoying the beautiful night view visible from Yata-rou. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Nagasaki Prefecture

The gourmet cuisine of Nagasaki Prefecture is charming with its exotic flavors. There are a variety of dishes from the American-style "Sasebo burger" to locally raised "Hirado Wagyu beef." Don't miss out on noodle dishes like "Champon" and "Sara Udon." Additionally, the popular "Turkish rice" allows you to enjoy three different flavors on one plate! When you visit, be sure to savor the unique deliciousness of the local cuisine. もっとみる
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