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Niigata Prefecture is a tourist destination where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine and sake, abundant nature, and hot springs. Especially, the scenic spots such as "Hoshitoge Rice Terraces" and "Kiyotsu Gorge" are a must-see! It is also recommended to enjoy fresh seafood at "Teradomari Fish Market Street" or to relax at "Tochio-Mata Onsen". In addition, there are scattered historical buildings, making it a diverse and attractive travel destination that is packed with charms from food to culture and history.

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Niigata Prefecture is not only known for its delicious rice and sake, but also as a tourist destination blessed with abundant nature. At the National Echigo Hillside Park, you can enjoy sports and attractions while fully enjoying the great outdoors. Don't miss the magnificent scenery created by the rough waves of "Sasagawa Nagare" and the majestic rock faces of "Kiyotsu Gorge." And at night, be sure to enjoy the fantastic light-up of "Kashiwazaki Matsugunso Garden." もっとみる

Enjoying Nature Spots

If you want to fully enjoy the nature of Niigata Prefecture, feel the power of the strong waterfall and the steep vertical layers at "Tashiro's Nanatsukama," and enjoy the autumn leaves in the serene "Ryugakubo Pond." Additionally, you can encounter photogenic scenery at "Hoshitoge Tanada." Why not try being healed by the grandeur created by the giant rocks and yellow flowers at "Onogame?" Also, don't miss out on "Toki no Mori Park," where you can interact with the special natural monument, the Crested Ibis. もっとみる

Recommended Winter Spots

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Niigata Prefecture's hot springs are diverse, including the Echigo Yuzawa Onsen, which has a high beautifying effect on the skin, the emerald green Tsukioka Onsen, and the Kakugamionsen, surrounded by nature. Especially in the Yahiko Onsen area, located in front of Yahiko Shrine, the hot water, which contains salt similar to seawater, has an excellent heat retention effect, making your body warm and comfortable! Why not visit Niigata Prefecture, where your heart and body can be healed along with sightseeing? もっとみる

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The accommodations in Niigata Prefecture are attractive for their delicious food and magnificent scenery. Enjoy over 50 types of dishes at the "Yuzawa Grand Hotel" in Echigo Yuzawa Onsen, or spend a luxurious night at the "Hotel Nikko Niigata," boasting a night view from the upper floors. You can also indulge in private baths and dishes made with local ingredients. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

Hotels in Niigata Prefecture are safe for families with children! There are plenty of facilities where families can enjoy themselves, such as Lime Resort Myoko, which pursues wellness, and Angel Grandia Echigo Nakasato, which supports child-rearing. Additionally, at Tsunan Station Front Onsen, you can enjoy six hot springs in one night. At Sado Resort Hotel Azuma, you can experience dining and events while enjoying the sunset and breathtaking views. もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

Accommodations in Niigata Prefecture are attractive for their nature and hot springs. At "Shinsetsu Matsumurakangetsu" in Echigo Yuzawa Onsen, you can spend a relaxing time surrounded by greenery in an open-air bath. Additionally, at places like "New Greenpia Tsunan" and "Naeba Prince Hotel," you can also enjoy seasonal activities. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Niigata Prefecture

Niigata Prefecture's local cuisine features a variety of dishes that make use of the blessings of the sea and mountains. From unique B-class gourmet dishes such as Itoigawa black yakisoba and yukimuro sake lees ramen, to local specialties like Sado natural buri katsudon and Echigo Murakami salted salmon, there are plenty of exquisite dishes that make use of local ingredients. Additionally, don't miss out on the collaboration between Niigata rice and delicious seafood in the form of "Niigata's seafood bowl"! もっとみる
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