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Gunma Prefecture is attractive for its beautiful nature and hot springs throughout the four seasons. It is full of sightseeing spots such as the world heritage site Tomioka Silk Mill, Oku-Maiko Lake with its "Shima Blue" color, and the Akagi Nanmen Senbon Sakura. It is also recommended for travelers seeking relaxation with its abundant famous hot springs such as Kusatsu Onsen and Ikaho Onsen. Furthermore, you can also enjoy local gourmet dishes such as Joshu Ota-yaki soba and Mizusawa udon.

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Gunma Prefecture is an attractive region where nature and history blend seamlessly. Feel the power at Myogi Shrine and Shorinzan Daruma Temple, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons at Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Resort and the ropeway. At Mizusawa Kannon, there are also benefits for safe childbirth and child-rearing! Additionally, Gunma Safari Park is recommended for animal lovers. もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Activities

Gunma Prefecture has an abundance of spots where you can enjoy nature. At the Tanbara Lavender Park, you can be surrounded by 50,000 lavender plants and be healed. At Ikaho Green Farm, you can experience the fun of interacting with animals. Additionally, you can also feel the grandeur of nature at places like the "Fukiyari Falls," known as the "Niagara of the East," and Mount Myogi, where strange rocks and cliffs line up. もっとみる

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Gunma Prefecture is known as a hot spring mecca, with places like Mizusawa Onsen, which has beautifying effects on the skin, Kawarayu Onsen, which is said to be effective for neuralgia, and Takumi no Sato, perfect for relaxation. Additionally, there are a variety of attractive hot springs, such as Sarugakyo Onsen, which exudes a historical ambiance, Isobe Onsen, which is said to be good for the stomach and intestines, and Ogo Onsen, where you can enjoy a rural landscape. Why not spend a pleasant time in the nature-rich Gunma Prefecture? もっとみる

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Accommodations in Gunma Prefecture are spaces filled with the ambiance of nature and history. Hotels with a variety of attractions, from traditional one-story buildings to modern resorts, are scattered throughout the area. Especially noteworthy are the hot spring facilities! You can enjoy the four seasons of Japan while experiencing the pleasant sensation of natural hot springs, including milky-white hot springs, hot springs with excellent skin-beautifying effects, and open-air baths where you can enjoy the stars. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

Hotels in Gunma Prefecture offer facilities that can be enjoyed with children without worry. You can refresh yourself in a rich natural environment, soak in hot springs, and enjoy the breathtaking view of Mt. Tanigawa. Additionally, at "Mizukami Kogen/Okinawa Onsen Hotel Sunbird," private open-air baths and BBQ plans are popular, offering a sense of privacy. You can fully enjoy the unique attractions of Gunma Prefecture with your whole family. もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

Hotels in Gunma Prefecture are attractive for their seasonal ambiance and hot springs. At "Ikkakuan," you can enjoy the view of the "Shima River" while being healed by the famous hot springs and monthly changing cuisine of "Kusatsu Onsen Kikusui" and "Ikaho Onsen Shin-ki." Additionally, at "Mizusawa Onsen Matsunoi," you can relax in a matured lukewarm hot spring surrounded by an overwhelming scale of gardens. All of these are unique ways to enjoy Gunma Prefecture. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Gunma Prefecture

The local cuisine of Gunma Prefecture is packed with deliciousness born from its rich natural surroundings. In particular, there are many dishes that utilize wheat, such as "Mizusawa Udon" and "Joushu Soba," which have a strong texture, as well as "Ota Yakisoba" and other flour-based dishes. Additionally, there is a variety of food to enjoy, such as refreshing "Joushu Beef" and soul food "Yaki Manju." You won't get bored with the variety of options! When you visit, be sure to try them out. もっとみる
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