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Chiba prefecture is a tourist destination with beautiful coastlines and abundant nature. Especially in the southern region of Chiba prefecture, such as Katsuura and Shirahama, it is popular as a summer resort and winter resort throughout the year due to its warm climate. You can also enjoy gourmet food such as fresh seafood and early-harvested rice. In addition, there are also urban facilities such as Disneyland and outlet parks. Please come and visit Chiba prefecture where you can enjoy both nature and the city!

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Chiba Prefecture is a tourist destination with abundant spots where you can interact with nature. At Kamogawa Sea World, you can get up close with sea creatures, and at Mother Farm and Narita Yume Farm, you can enjoy interacting with animals. Additionally, savor gourmet food in the historic atmosphere of the water town of Sawara, or be healed by seasonal flowers at Tokyo German Village. Chiba Prefecture is a region packed with diverse attractions that can be enjoyed by families and couples alike! もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Nature

Chiba Prefecture is known as a nature-rich tourist destination, and especially "Nomizo Falls," "Mt. Nokogiri," and "Oyama Senmaida" are not to be missed. Nomizo Falls, where heart-shaped light reflects romantically, Mt. Nokogiri, where you can overlook Tokyo Bay from the cliff, and Oyama Senmaida, where you can enjoy different landscapes depending on the season, are all spots that make you want to visit. You can refresh yourself while feeling the nature at these places! もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Activities

Chiba Prefecture is a tourist destination packed with activities! At Inage Seaside Park, you can enjoy cycling, barbecuing, and a mini-course with field athletics for children's adventures. At Shimizu Park, you can challenge yourself with authentic water athletics and enjoy nature by interacting with ponies. Furthermore, at Urayasu City Transportation Park, small children can experience riding bicycles and battery-powered cars. Why not spend a memorable day in Chiba Prefecture? もっとみる

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Chiba Prefecture's hot springs offer a variety of ways to enjoy, such as the Inubosaki Onsen with a view of the sea and open-air baths surrounded by nature in the Yoro Valley. The abundant spring quality, such as chloride springs and carbonated hydrogen carbonate springs, which are also expected to have a beautifying effect, is also attractive. Why not spend a blissful time soaking in a comfortable bath while enjoying the magnificent view? もっとみる

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Chiba Prefecture offers a variety of accommodation options, including hotels with a resort feel overlooking the sea and hotels conveniently located for access to Narita Airport. There are also resorts with experience plans perfect for family trips. You can enjoy dishes using local ingredients and be sure to relax in the natural hot springs! もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

There are many hotels in Chiba Prefecture that are enjoyable for families with children. At the seaside resort "Kame no I Hotel," you can enjoy a plan with all-you-can-eat snow crabs and a large public bath. "Weird Hotel Maihama" is perfect for family trips with its non-face-to-face check-in and free shuttle service. もっとみる

Famous Hot Spring Hotels

Hot spring hotels in Chiba Prefecture offer various charms at each facility. At "Chikura-kan," you can enjoy bathing while feeling the pleasant sea breeze. "Shirahama Ocean Resort" offers ocean views from all rooms and allows you to stay with your pet. Additionally, "Tenryu-so" is a nature-rich hotel with black hot springs. Why not get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and refresh your mind and body? もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture's local cuisine is abundant in seafood due to its many towns facing the sea. Dishes made with Narita eel, Choshi ise-ebi, and fresh Kataguchi iwashi caught in Kujukuri Beach are exquisite. Additionally, don't miss out on the Sawara Donburi, which uses ancient rice and Yamato potatoes. You can enjoy a wide range of dishes from traditional to creative cuisine! もっとみる
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