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Toyama Prefecture is a tourist destination where nature and culture blend together, with attractions such as the World Heritage Site of Gokayama Gassho-style Villages and the Tateyama Mountain Range. Visitors can experience unique culture at the dynamic Kurobe Dam and the art museum "Glass Art Museum, Toyama", and enjoy fresh seafood. The prefecture is also filled with charm that cannot be forgotten once visited, with seasonal landscapes and hot springs to enjoy.

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"Mikurigaike Pond" reflects the grandeur of the natural beauty of the Tateyama Mountain Range. "Daikanbo" offers a panoramic view of Lake Kurobe from a sheer cliff. The "Ainokura Gassho-zukuri Village" exudes a historical atmosphere. Enjoy coffee time with seasonal views at the "Fugan Unga Kansui Park." Be healed by the beauty of the prefecture flower, tulips, at the "Tonami Tulip Park," and finally, indulge in art at the "Toyama City Glass Museum," where colorful glass works are displayed. All of these are the charms of Toyama Prefecture. もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Nature

If you want to fully enjoy the nature of Toyama Prefecture, start by visiting one of Japan's three great gorges, the "Kurobe Gorge." While enjoying the breathtaking scenery on a trolley train, you will be captivated by the crimson iron bridge and emerald green lake. In addition, at "Takaoka Kojo Park," you can experience the ambiance of each season with cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn leaves in the fall. Furthermore, at the "Tateyama Mountain Range," you can enjoy hiking while experiencing the magnificent nature. もっとみる

Scenic Spots to Enjoy

Toyama Prefecture is filled with spots perfect for enjoying beautiful scenery. Experience the traditional atmosphere at the World Heritage Site of Suganuma Gassho-zukuri Village, and appreciate the unique architectural beauty of the thatched gate at Gyotoku Temple and the Murakami House in Gokayama. Furthermore, from Toyama Castle, located in a lush green castle park, you can enjoy breathtaking views along with over 400 years of history. Additionally, at Takaoka Daibutsu, you may have the chance to encounter the "Most Handsome" Great Buddha in Japan! もっとみる

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Toyama Prefecture's hot springs offer the ultimate relaxation with nature, including "Mikurigaike Onsen," which is located at the highest altitude in Japan, and "Unazuki Onsen," which overlooks the Kurobe Gorge. At "Himi Onsenkyo," you can enjoy fresh seafood and a breathtaking sunrise view. These hot springs are also recommended as a travel destination to refresh both mind and body, with expected benefits for beautiful skin and nerve pain relief. もっとみる

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Accommodations in Toyama Prefecture feature many hotels with natural hot springs and open-air baths, as well as delicious meals that allow you to enjoy local seafood and mountain delicacies. Additionally, it is an ideal location for activities such as sightseeing at the "Gassho-zukuri Village," a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and mountain climbing and skiing while soaking in hidden hot springs believed to be good for "fertility" and "healing." もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

The hotels in Toyama Prefecture are attractive for their locations surrounded by nature and the cuisine that utilizes local ingredients. Especially recommended for families visiting with children are "Himi Natural Hot Spring Route Inn Grantiere Himi" and "Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Yamano-ha." With movie viewing services and Wi-Fi, you can enjoy peace of mind even on rainy days, and the open-air baths with views of the great outdoors will provide relaxation for both parents and children. もっとみる

Famous Hot Spring Hotels

Hot spring hotels in Toyama Prefecture offer supreme relaxation along with beautiful nature. At "Unazuki Onsen Enraku," you can enjoy a stunning view of the Kurobe Gorge from the open-air bath and savor seasonal kaiseki cuisine. Additionally, "Mizube no Minshuku Hotel Kamome to Umineko" is a small, single-rental lodging located in Minato-cho, where you can spend a quiet time. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Toyama Prefecture

The local cuisine of Toyama Prefecture is characterized by dishes that make use of the abundant seafood from the rich sea. From jet-black black ramen to beautiful sushi, and even small transparent white shrimp and firefly squid, there is a wide variety of options. Additionally, don't miss out on the local dish "Tara Soup" made with fresh cod, as well as the carefully selected Himi Kanburi. It is a treasure trove of culinary culture for visitors to explore. もっとみる
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