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Okayama Prefecture is a tourist destination known for its beautiful nature and historical buildings. It is full of attractions such as the Bikan District in Kurashiki City, the Kami-no-Ki Falls Nature Park in Kibichuo, and the townscapes of Ibe, the birthplace of Bizen pottery. In addition, those who enjoy gourmet food can taste dishes such as "Okayama Demi Katsu Don" and "Misaki Tamago Kake Gohan".

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Okayama Prefecture is a charming place where beautiful nature and historical ambiance coexist. You can time travel to the Edo period in the Kurashiki Bikan District or enjoy magnificent views at the Hanzan Kogen Highlands. Don't miss out on the Ushimado Olive Garden, also known as "Japan's Aegean Sea," or the birthplace of Japanese jeans, Kojima Jeans Street. Additionally, be sure to visit the Kibitsu Shrine, associated with the legend of Momotaro. もっとみる

Spots with Historical Buildings

Okayama Prefecture is known as the "Land of Sunshine," and you can visit the beautiful garden "Korakuen" and Okayama Castle, which is characterized by its black shachihoko. Additionally, "Saigoku-in Temple," one of the three major Inari shrines in Japan, and "Bitchu Kokubunji Temple," which has a five-story pagoda, are also worth seeing. Furthermore, you can spend a relaxing time at "Kurashiki Ivy Square," covered in ivy. Please come and visit Okayama Prefecture, where nature and historical culture harmonize. もっとみる

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Hot springs in Okayama Prefecture are popular for their excellent skin-beautifying effects and natural open-air baths surrounded by nature, such as "Sunayu." In particular, at Sunayu, which is called the "Western Yokozuna," you can enjoy natural hot springs that spout from the riverbed. Additionally, there are also hot springs like Okutsu Onsen, each with their own unique charm. Why not visit the hot spring resorts in Okayama Prefecture and experience their different attractions? もっとみる

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Okayama Prefecture offers a diverse range of accommodations, from resorts with ocean views in every room, to conveniently located hotels near train stations, and hotels surrounded by lush greenery with a calm atmosphere. Enjoy breakfast made with local ingredients, kaiseki cuisine prepared by skilled chefs, and even hot springs. Once you visit, you'll want to come back again to experience the many charms of Okayama Prefecture. Be sure to visit and see for yourself! もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

Hotels in Okayama Prefecture are packed with features that can be enjoyed even with children! At Yubara Onsen, known for its beautiful skin hot springs, and Okutsu Onsen, surrounded by nature, the whole family can be healed. Additionally, there are resorts that boast delicious cuisine and facilities where you can stay with your pets, catering to various needs. Please try them out when you come to Okayama Prefecture! もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

Accommodations in Okayama Prefecture offer a healing space surrounded by nature, such as the "Diamond Setouchi Marine Hotel" with a view of the Seto Inland Sea and the "Yunogo Onsen Poppy Springs" with the aroma of essential oils. Especially, hot springs are very popular among women! You can spend a luxurious time with delicious cuisine using local ingredients. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Okayama Prefecture

Okayama Prefecture is a region where you can enjoy a variety of gourmet dishes using diverse ingredients, from fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea to meat from the mountainous areas. Dishes such as Momokari with a simple taste, Tsuyama Hormone Udon full of stamina, and sweet and savory Hiruzen Yakisoba are unforgettable in their deliciousness. At Hanzan Jingisukan, you can also enjoy a pastoral atmosphere. Don't miss out on Okayama Ramen, which features pork bone soy sauce, or the colorful Bara Sushi. Be sure to try them when you visit! もっとみる
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