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Tottori Prefecture is a tourist destination that combines beautiful nature and historical buildings. Enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Tottori Sand Dunes and Mt. Daisen, the townscape of the Kurayoshi White Wall Storehouses, and relaxation at the Misasa Onsen. How about a trip where you can also enjoy local gourmet food and pray for good fortune at the Kanemochi Shrine?

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Tottori Prefecture is full of diverse and unique tourist spots, such as the natural art of the "Tottori Sand Dunes," Japan's only pear museum "Nashikkokan," and the national treasure "Sanbutsuji Temple" located at the end of a steep mountain path. After enjoying a time travel experience at the "Hakuto Tsuchibei Group," be sure to take in the beautiful scenery at "Uradome Coast." もっとみる

Spots with Historical Buildings

Tottori Prefecture is a tourist destination where beautiful nature and historical buildings harmonize. There are plenty of attractions to see, such as the view from the 2-ton bell at Mt. Mitoku, the recommended White Rabbit Shrine for lovers, and the French Renaissance-style Nifukukan. You can also enjoy the lush green mountains at Daisenji and spend a peaceful time at the Okumiya of Oyamazumi Shrine. もっとみる

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Tottori Prefecture's hot springs are scattered with various features, from the superb skin-beautifying effect of "Kaike Onsen" to "Misasa Onsen," known for its radioactive springs. Why not spend some time relaxing in open-air baths surrounded by nature or in historic inns, and heal both your mind and body? もっとみる

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Accommodations in Tottori Prefecture boast an abundance of hot springs and cuisine utilizing local ingredients. At Misasa Onsen, you can enjoy a plentiful bath and delicious buffet. Additionally, there are plenty of observation baths and rock サウナs with views of the Sea of Japan. Furthermore, it's a luxury to relax in a yukata robe in a Japanese-modern atmosphere. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable with Children

Hotels in Tottori Prefecture are safe for families with children. At "Kaike Kanko Hotel Uminoshizuku," you can relax in a room with an open-air bath, while at "Mitsui Bekkan," you can enjoy hot springs that are good for your skin. In addition, at "Kaisho-en" and "Kansuitei Kozaneya," you can relax in a Japanese-style room with tatami mats and enjoy fresh meals. Furthermore, with a parking lot that can accommodate large vehicles, transportation is also easy! もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

Accommodations in Tottori Prefecture are known for their abundant hot springs. At Yonago Onsen and Misasa Onsen, you can spend a pleasant time in open-air baths that allow you to feel the ambiance of each season. Additionally, Hotel Route-Inn Yonago offers a free large public bath. Furthermore, at Seiryu-so, rooms with private dry サウナs and open-air baths with hot spring water flowing directly from the source are popular. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Tottori Prefecture

The gourmet cuisine of Tottori Prefecture is characterized by dishes that make use of fresh seafood. Enjoy a variety of seafood dishes, such as Matsuba crab and seafood bowls from Sakaiminato, as well as the light and rich soup of beef bone ramen. There are also a wide range of sweets made with sweet and juicy Nijisseiki pears. Don't miss out on the curry that emphasizes local ingredients! もっとみる
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