Tourist Information of Nagano


Nagano Prefecture is attractive for its breathtaking scenery surrounded by the Japanese Alps and abundant nature. Why not visit the Yudanaka-Shibu Onsen area or the Jigokudani Monkey Park hot springs, and the Kurohime Highland Cosmos Fields? Don't miss historical landmarks like the Zenkoji Temple and the birthplace of Togakushi soba. It's also perfect for an adult weekend trip where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine.

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Nagano Prefecture is a tourist destination where nature and history blend seamlessly. Rejuvenate your spirit at "Togakushi Shrine," a power spot boasting 2000 years of history, and "Zenko-ji Temple," a famous place with a 1400-year tradition. At the "Sanada Treasure Museum," you can experience the ambiance of the Warring States period. In "Obuse," you can also enjoy exploring while searching for chestnut gourmet treats. Additionally, don't miss out on "Harunire Terrace" for shopping and dining, and "Old Karuizawa Ginza Street," perfect for souvenir hunting! もっとみる

Nature Spots to Enjoy

There are many spots in Nagano Prefecture where you can enjoy nature, but one highly recommended spot is "Karuizawa Taliasen." You can enjoy art and historic buildings along with the beautiful Lake Shiozawa. At "Shiraito Falls," you can see a fantastic view created by underground water, and from "Usui Pass Observation Platform," you can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains. Additionally, at "Unnojuku Pond," you can be healed by the natural beauty of the changing seasons and the sight of swans. もっとみる

Scenic Spots to Enjoy

Nagano Prefecture is full of spots where you can enjoy beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons. Feel the power of nature at Kamikochi and Senjojiki Cirque, while experiencing the era at the former Mikasa Hotel. At Ryuun-ji Temple and Suwa Shrine, you can also touch upon history and mysticism. Additionally, don't miss out on places like the "Muro Saisei Literary Monument," "Raiden's Birthplace," and the "Higashimachi Kabuki Stage!" もっとみる

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Nagano Prefecture is a hot spring paradise with over 200 hot spring resorts scattered throughout. Enjoy soaking in source hot springs with a variety of attractions, such as the sulfur hot springs of Togura Kamiyamada Onsen, the excellent beauty effects of Hirugami Onsen, and the historic Bessho Onsen. Why not take a trip to be healed both physically and mentally with the beautiful natural scenery? もっとみる

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Accommodations in Nagano Prefecture are attractive for their rich natural environment and gourmet cuisine utilizing local ingredients. At "Kisofukushima Onsen," located along the Kiso River, and "Hakuba Tokyu Hotel," a mountain resort, you can enjoy breathtaking views from open-air baths. Additionally, at "Hirugami Grand Hotel Tenshin," you can gaze at the best starry sky in Japan, and at "Tateshina Tokyu Hotel," you can experience the ambiance of the four seasons. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable for Families with Children

Hotels in Nagano Prefecture are attractive for their location that blends with nature. Enjoy your time while gazing at the Northern Alps at "Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort," or savor the unique game meat dishes at "Akiyamago Yukawakaku." Additionally, at "Karuizawa Kogen Sky Park Hotel," you can enjoy stargazing. For a glamping experience that children will love, we recommend "Hakuba Momiji no Ki Hotel"! もっとみる

Famous Hot Spring Hotels

Accommodation in Nagano Prefecture is known for its breathtaking views and hot springs. At Shoho Onsen in Shinshu Matsumoto Miharashitei, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Northern Alps, while at Hotel Ambient Azumino in Hodaka Onsen, you can indulge in cuisine that satisfies all five senses. Additionally, at places like Kamisuwa Onsen Shinyu and Asama Onsen Nishiki no Yu Motoya, you can relax with abundant hot springs and pleasant hospitality. もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Nagano Prefecture

The local cuisine in Nagano Prefecture is attractive with its diverse dishes that make use of the blessings of nature. You can enjoy a variety of dishes ranging from traditional home-cooked meals such as Shinshu soba, oyaki, and delicious yakitori, to unique specialties such as Anyoji ramen and Obuse chestnuts. Additionally, don't miss out on the unique food culture in each area! もっとみる