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Hokkaido is a tourist destination with beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons. You can heal your heart with the beauty of nature, such as the lavender fields in Furano, the primeval forest of Shiretoko Five Lakes, and the night view from Mt. Hakodate. In addition, the gourmet food to enjoy around the Otaru Canal and the animals you can interact with in Asahikawa City are also attractive. Why don't you visit Hokkaido, where nature and history are woven together?

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Hokkaido is a tourist destination with beautiful nature and gourmet cuisine. Relax with cute animals at Asahiyama Zoo and enjoy a unique whiskey experience at the Nikka Yoichi Distillery. Don't miss the mysterious landscapes of the lavender fields at Farm Tomita and the Blue Pond. You can also experience the great outdoors at the Kushiro Marsh. The star-shaped view from Goryokaku is also highly recommended! もっとみる

Spots to Enjoy Nature

If you want to fully enjoy the nature of Hokkaido, start with "Shiretoko Goko Lakes." The mysterious atmosphere surrounded by primeval forests is charming. Next, enjoy the breathtaking view of the northernmost point of the mainland at "Cape Soya," and don't miss the sunset view from "Nosappu Cape." At "Sapporo Yagai Observation Deck," you can enjoy the pastoral scenery and the statue of Dr. Clark. Then, have an emotional experience at the "Sunflower Village," covered in yellow, and the powerful "Oshinkoshin Falls." Just reading about these spots will make you want to travel, won't it? もっとみる

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Hokkaido's hot springs are attractive for their diverse spring qualities and abundant nature. There are various hot springs such as Yukawa Onsen, which has a beautifying effect on the skin, Noboribetsu Onsen, which is effective for neuralgia, and Toyako Onsen, where you can enjoy an open-air bath with a view of Lake Toya. In winter, you can also enjoy snow-viewing baths. Why not spend a blissful time soaking in pleasant hot water and enjoying the changing scenery of the four seasons to heal the fatigue of your journey? もっとみる

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Accommodations in Hokkaido range from resort hotels where you can fully enjoy nature to traditional inns with hot springs. The appeal lies in the fact that you can enjoy hot springs with natural spring water and cuisine using local ingredients. Additionally, the locations are abundant with scenic spots such as lakeshores and mountainous areas, allowing you to experience the unique atmosphere of Hokkaido. もっとみる

Hotels Enjoyable for Families with Children

Hotels in Hokkaido are full of ideas for families with children to enjoy. They offer spaces where families can spend time together, such as "Hotel Taiki," where you can enjoy hot springs, and "One Niseko Resort Towers," where all rooms come with a kitchen. Additionally, the outdoor-themed buffet at "KIKI Shiretoko Natural Resort" is also popular. もっとみる

Hotels Famous for Hot Springs

Hotels in Hokkaido are known for their hot springs. At the "Mori no Spa Resort Hokkaido Hotel," you can enjoy the natural hot springs that flow directly from the source. Additionally, the "La Vista Hakodate Bay" is equipped with a natural hot spring observatory bath on the top floor. At these facilities, you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the hot springs while also savoring beautiful scenery and local cuisine! もっとみる

Local Cuisine in Hokkaido Prefecture

Hokkaido's local cuisine is diverse, ranging from sushi and seafood bowls that make use of fresh seafood, to juicy Yubari melons and hearty and healthy Jingisukan (grilled mutton dish). There are plenty of dishes that make use of the unique characteristics of the region, and every visit is sure to bring new discoveries and delicious flavors. もっとみる